What is the Difference between Branding and Marketing?

October 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Many business people confuse marketing and branding. Most people don’t understand what a brand is. Many people think that branding is a logo or a logo design. Design is essential but design is not a brand. Some people think that you can whip up a brand overnight and build awareness instantly.


For me branding is simply about “Keeping Your Promises”. Brand’s like Zappos and Apple are known for delivering a great experience for consumers. Great brands consistently deliver on their promise. Great brands tell stories that are focused on why.

Branding is delivering on a differentiated promise to a consumer. No matter what you are doing, you are always branding your business. Branding is the perception, thoughts and emotions of your consumers.

Branding is a strategic asset, and shouldn’t be viewed as an expense. Marketing is an expense.

Branding is long-term. When we are clear about a brand building strategy we can direct the marketing tools. Without a proper brand building strategy, the marketing is a tactic in search of a strategy.

Marketing is focused on achieving short-term goals. Marketing usually services one main overall function, to sell.

The Brand is how people remember you, how they feel about you.  Emotions and memory are key components to the brand. Marketing then takes that brand and forms communication that takes advantage of that brand to send out a message.

The great thing about a Brand is that it can be constructed and formed to create that unique memory and feeling you wish to appeal to your specific target.  By clearly defining things like purpose, core values and personality you can create a brand positioning to use as a guide for effective marketing strategies.

Marketing communications not based on a well-defined brand send a message that is not differentiated. A great brand deserves a creative marketing strategy to best take advantage of that unique positioning.

Marketing is a “push” action, and branding is more “pull.”

A Brand is an experience, a story.

Which brands provide the best customer experience?


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