Sharpie Promotes Self Expression through Social Media and Content Marketing

August 19, 2013 — 1 Comment

Sharpie is an iconic American Brand with a great story. Sharpie has remained relevant in recent years by promoting self-expression through social media and content marketing.

Sharpie was introduced in 1964. The story behind their production goes back to the 1850’s. In 1857, Frederick Remington and William H. Sanford Jr. founded Sanford Manufacturing Company in Worcester, Massachusetts. The company originally produced and sold ink and glue. In the early 1960’s the company began to focus on the emerging marker business. The Sharpie Fine Point black marker was the first pen-style permanent marker. It writes on almost any surface including glass, wood, stone, plastic, metal and paper.


Sharpie, originally made its mark as the go-to autograph pen for celebrities like Sean Connery and musicians like the Beatles. Johnny Carson was one of their first celebrity endorsers.

Most people have a strong connection to Sharpie. They used Sharpie Markers for school art projects or to label moving boxes. Sharpie has alway been a valuable tool for students, moms and officer workers. Sharpie will be a popular item during the back-to-school shopping season.

Sharpie has benefited from exposure at key events. Football fans remember “The Sharpie Touchdown.” During an National Football League Monday Night Game former San Francisco Forty Niners wide receiver Terrell Owens pulled a black Sharpie marker out of his sock to sign a football he caught to score a touchdown and then gave the ball to his financial adviser, who was in the stands.


Today, Sharpie is a brand that stands for far more than markers. Sharpie is a very visual brand. Sharpie realized that they had this iconic product that was valued for the ability to assist its users in expressing themselves. It’s a brand that stands for self-expression. The introduction of products like the Liquid Pencil, Gel Highlighter and Stained by Sharpie demonstrates the brand’s ability to come up with innovative ways to help people express themselves.

Sharpie’s marketing promotes self-expression and provides users with tools to share what they have created. Sharpie understands that marketing is not just about putting out branded content. It’s about building a relationship that empowers the passion and creativity of their users.


Their marketing showcases how their users find new and creative ways to use their products. Their social media efforts have encouraged fans to submit original content through sweepstakes and promotions. Sharpie users have created some excellent pieces of art. Sharpie has built a comprehensive digital presence that showcases users stories, their experiences and creativity. By focusing on their user, Sharpie continues to build their brand for the long-term.

Can you think of another iconic brand that has done a great job with social media?


One response to Sharpie Promotes Self Expression through Social Media and Content Marketing


    Great story on an American icon that most people may view as such. But who has not owned a Sharpie? They are all over the place and your post clearly shows how their brand has become powerful over time.

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