Brand Design is a Key Differentiator

August 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, brand design is a key differentiator. Design plays a critical role in brand building. Design can be a new product, a service experience, packaging, logo, advertising or a retail environment. Great design is a solution to a consumer need or problem. Design is a strategic skill. Design is not just a decorative act. Great design produces value. An excellent designer takes the values of a company and transforms them in a way that connects with people on an emotional level.

Palo Alto_hero

Design has added billions of dollars worth of revenue for brands that understand its power and purpose. In today’s economy, design is the soul of strategy. You don’t have to look very far for examples of brands where this principle is applied with phenomenal results: Apple, Nike, Starbucks, BMW, Harley Davidson, Herman Miller, Target, Gillette, Virgin – every one of these enterprises are absolute fanatics about design and its fundamental importance to their business strategy. In a world of growing complexity and abundant choice, design can set a brand apart. A simple well thought out authentic design is often the best.

Branding and design are to a large extent, inseparable. A brand is more than your logo or identity, it is the feeling that people have about you. Smart design creates the experiences that people have with a brand. Design needs to be strategic from the outset. It provides an opportunity to drive innovation and create solutions. Good designers approach design as an opportunity to ask questions and challenge assumptions. Many successful companies have created the position of Chief Design Officer. This helps to ensure that design is part of the process from the beginning.

For brands to stay relevant, they need to develop emotional consumer connections through experiences. Creating these “experiences”, and the value they offer people, is the result of the strategic and creative process called Brand Design. Great brands have great design teams.

What is your favorite example of great brand design?


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