The Washington Post’s Brand is a Valuable Asset

August 7, 2013 — 1 Comment

 Jeff Bezos has built Amazon into one of the most valuable and trusted brands in the world. He accomplished this through a relentless obsession with understanding the behavior and needs of the customer. Amazon strategically uses data and qualitative insight to improve customer experience. Amazon has transformed retail in the United States. Amazon understood the power of the internet long before the competition.

Washington Post magazine

The Washington Post is one of the most trusted journalism brands in the world. The Washington Post has been a powerful force for decades in shaping politics and policy in this country. The Post gained worldwide fame for its role in breaking the Watergate Scandal which led to the downfall of Richard Nixon. The Graham family built a news organization with strong core values. They pursued journalistic integrity over profits.

The Washington Post is valuable brand stuck in a bad business model. The Post has struggled financially due to the rise of the Internet and the massive changes brought about by the shift from print to digital technology.

Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post for $250 Million Dollars. Many people have asked why. Jeff Bezos sees value in the Washington Post Brand that far surpasses what others see. Content still matters and so does brand trust.

There is an opportunity to leverage the content and the talent of some of the best journalists in the world. Brands have embraced content as a key component of Inbound Marketing. Many brands desperately need content. Branded newsrooms are becoming a hot product. The world is clamoring for content. The Washington Post has the content and resources to meet that need. I suspect Bezos is on to something.


Bezos’s history of patient investment and long-term strategic thinking made him an attractive buyer and will suit him well in this endeavor. His willingness to experiment and test new ideas will be critical to the success of the Washington Post in the digital era.

Do you think Jeff Bezos will build a successful business model for the Washington Post Brand? 


One response to The Washington Post’s Brand is a Valuable Asset

  1. August 7, 2013 at 7:31 am

    how did it go yesterday???

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