Douglas Sweets – An Entrepreneur’s Story of Creating Your Own Future

July 10, 2013 — 2 Comments

In recent weeks, I have written a number of stories about entrepreneurs who have decided to go for it and create their own future. I recently came across a company from Bolton Valley, Vermont called Douglas Sweets.


Douglas Sweets makes traditional shortbread and other Scottish treats. They use the finest Vermont ingredients and chocolates in their products. Douglas Sweets was founded in 2012 by Debra Townsend. Debra has a unique story. In 1956, her mother longed for the traditional Scottish shortbread she had loved from the old country. After much experimenting, she perfected a recipe that delivered a rich buttery taste. For years Deborah’s family has been baking that shortbread and enjoying it with friends.

In 2010, Debra found herself looking for a job in a horrible economy. Her qualifications were not a perfect match for the limited number of jobs available. For twenty-two years she had been a stay at home Mom who home schooled her children. It was the right thing to do, but not resume building material.

As she was waiting around to hear from the hundred or so companies that she applied to, she started to bake shortbread. The smell of the dough helped calm her nerves. Everyone loved it and her friends started to joke that she should make it a business. Debra took them seriously and started Douglas Sweets.


Each month, Douglas Sweets donates a portion of their proceeds to different charities. They post the charity on their website. They have donated to the Sam Cohn foundation, Stu and the Kids and the Blue Star of Hope to name a few.

Debra’s hope is to build up Douglas Sweets enough to really make a difference in the world. Charity and helping people is the real reason they bake shortbread every day.

Douglas Sweets products are available online through and in a variety of markets in Vermont and in Saratoga, New York. Douglas Sweets is building a loyal fan base. Here is a great comment from one happy consumer:

“The cookies arrived in perfect form and were packaged beautifully! They tasted even better than they looked – if that’s even possible?! These are some seriously yummy cookies and I’m considering making them the guest favors for my upcoming wedding in VT. I highly recommend these cookies”!

More and more entrepreneurs are deciding to create their own futures. My hope is that Debra Townsend and Douglas Sweets are wildly successful.

Do you have the passion and desire to start your own company?


2 responses to Douglas Sweets – An Entrepreneur’s Story of Creating Your Own Future


    I have worked with Debra in making my favors in my new business – her cookies are amazing!

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