John Robinson and Our Ability Prove that Anything is Possible

July 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

John Robinson, his family and Doug Hamlin completed their bike ride across New York State this afternoon at the Corning Preserve in Albany, New York. They were greeted by local politicians and an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. Their inspirational “Journey Along the Erie Canal” began 17 days ago in Tonawanda, New York. Their goal was to raise awareness of the ability inside all People with Disabilities and to raise funds to support Adaptive Sports, Accessibility, Education and Employment for New Yorkers with Disabilities.

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The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 20 percent, 4 out of 5 people have left the workforce, so John’s goal was to try to get people back to work, back in the workforce.

The event was conceived by John who is an entrepreneur, advocate, and motivational speaker. John’s personal story has inspired thousands. Through his organization, Our Ability, Robinson mentors, connects, and inspires people with disabilities toward education and employment.  At each stop along the way, John and others from Our Ability shared their inspirational stories.

As a congenital amputee born without full arms and legs, John Robinson overcame countless obstacles to become a successful businessman, family man and inspirational keynote speaker.

John chose The Erie Canal because it is a the symbol of inspiration and achievement. His purpose is to help inspire all people touched by disability towards a new wave of economic development. Inspiring all people with disabilities toward education and employment through achievement can help re-build our economy.

During the 17 day trip, the team overcame many obstacles including extreme heat, floods and sore muscles. John and his group were inspired by great turnouts along the Canal and at their final stop in Albany.

John’s “Journey Along the Erie Canal” was a tremendous achievement. John and his group proved that if you put you mind to it “Anything is Possible”.


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