America’s Farmstand Brings Fresh Food to Your Door

June 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

America’s Farmstand is an online virtual farmers market that sources all their product from small, responsibly run farms. The site offers organic, all-natural, pure farm-fresh artisanal foods, produce, dairy, meats and other fresh foods and beverages, available to be shipped directly from independently run family farms with out warehousing. Some of the featured products include Pearson Farm Fresh Georgia peaches, Balakian Farms Pink Oxheart organic blended heirloom tomatoes and New England Provisions Maine Lobsters.


America’s Farmstand was founded by Todd Greenfield in Stonington, Connecticut. Todd grew up on a small family owned farm in Southern Connecticut. The importance of agriculture, sustainable eating and how important local farming is to communities was ingrained in him at an early age. Over the years, Todd saw that family farms were being replaced by large commercial entities that weren’t sustainable for the environment and offered no real connection to the local land. After moving to the city, Todd discovered that their was a real disconnect between so many Americans and their food.


He started America’s Farmstand with one question in mind; ‘What if there were a way to get your vegetables, fruits, cheeses, organic meats and other fresh foods directly to the people who want them, rather than having them lose freshness traveling to—and sitting in warehouses for days before being transported to supermarkets? Todd was committed to doing things differently – absolutely no warehousing and an opportunity for foods to be enjoyed mere hours after harvest. America’s Farmstand makes it easier for families to get honest, farm fresh foods back on the dinner table.

Their mission is to empower consumers to change the way they source food. The company is guided by the following principles:

1. Provide access to honest, fresh foods from family farms
2. Encourage responsible farming and growing practices
3. Promote healthy, nutritious foods as the bedrock of a balanced diet
4. Perpetuate the humane treatment of animals and wild habitats.

As American’s become more concerned with local, healthy eating and sustainability there is a lot of new opportunities and innovations in food. There is an increasing desire for transparency in understanding where your food comes from and what role it plays in our general health and well-being. Food and rural agriculture is a potential growth opportunity in this country.

Where do you shop for fresh fruit and vegetables?


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