BMW is One of the Most Respected Brands in the World

April 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

BMW is one of the most valuable and respected brands in the world. BMW makes phenomenal cars and has had a history of great advertising with one of the best know taglines “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Their recent growth has been driven by a focus on delivering on their brand purpose, “Enabling people to experience the joy of driving”. They design everything with this purpose in mind. They are in the car business but they are really in the joy business. When I looked closer, you could see that BMW lives and breathes a brand purpose in everything that they do. This purpose is supported by three core values: Innovation, Independence and Authenticity.


Since its inception, BMW has been an independent car company. This independence has enabled them to become a company that develops and pursues new and innovative ideas that help people experience the joy of driving. These ideas are born out of an authentic passion for driving. They have leveraged this independence into a competitive advantage. Because top management is not beholden to any parent company, they’re able to take risks and develop innovations that would never see the light of day at other car companies.

A few years ago BMW hired a world-class architect to design a new innovative manufacturing plant in Leipzig, Germany. They created a unique space that brought together office space with the factory floor. This space won the coveted Pritzker Architecture Award. BMW invented night vision, designed a hydrogen car with near zero emissions and built a plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina that runs on methane gas from a local landfill.

BMW is driven to continually search for new ways to perfect the ultimate driving machine. The BMW Brand is built the moment someone sits in the driver’s seat, turns on the engine and takes off. BMW fans are truly passionate about the brand and would never think about buying another vehicle. They love the performance of their car but its the emotional connection that the brand built that is critical to the success of BMW.

Have you driven a BMW?


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