Oakley is a Brand That is Driven By Innovation and a Unique Point of View

March 13, 2013 — 2 Comments

Oakley was started by Jim Jannard in 1975 in his garage with an initial investment of $300. He started with the simple idea of making products that work better and look better than anything else out there. Jim developed a new kind of motorcycle hand grip with a unique tread and a shape that fit the rider’s closed hand. Top pros took notice of the design. His next innovation was the O frame goggle with a lens curved in the perfect arc of a cylinder. This goggle was adopted by pros and became a mainstay in MX racing. From there Jim started reinventing sunglasses for sports. He created “Eyeshades” a design that began an evolution in eyewear from generic accessory to vital equipment. This spirit of innovation has helped build Oakley into a global sports brand. Jannard believed that “Everything in the world can be made better and will be made better. The only question is when and by whom”. Oakley is a brand that challenges conventional ideas and invents new solutions.


Personally I am a fan of Oakley sunglasses and prescription eyewear. I have worn them for years. I like brands that have a unique point of view and are driven by design and innovation.

Today, Oakley products are sold in more than 110 countries. Products include premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories. The original spirit of innovation still drives the brand. Oakley has been awarded more than 600 patents for innovative products. Oakley’s unique design approach is to identify problems, create invention and wrap those in art. It is a combination of passion, art and mad science. The culture of the company is deeply rooted in sports. Their design philosophy is driven by the following ideals:

  1. Redefine products by redefining what is physically possible
  2. Reject conventional ideas, and when necessary, reinvent from scratch
  3. Erase the line between form and function by elevating physics to the level of art
  4. Transcend performance innovation into solutions for everyday applications
  5. Deliver the unexpected

Do you wear Oakley products?


2 responses to Oakley is a Brand That is Driven By Innovation and a Unique Point of View

    jenericconsulting March 13, 2013 at 11:08 am

    I too have worn Oakley glasses since I was a junior in high school. Their materials and styling are superior. Do a search and Google “oakley headquarters” to be amazed at their consistency regarding innovation in their headquarters building.
    Great read, thanks!

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