Method Brand Cleaning Products Has Created a Movement “People Against Dirty”

March 3, 2013 — 1 Comment

Method is a brand that has changed the way people think about home cleaning products. Method combines natural, safe cleaning ingredients with attractively designed packaging. Method has been successful in persuading a segment of consumers to embrace environmentally friendly products as genuine alternatives. They have been successful in creating an entire category of premium green cleaning products that really do clean.

Prior to the launch of Method in 2000, most home cleaning products contained harsh toxic ingredients that required wearing gloves to use them safely and couldn’t be left open if small pets or children were around. Most eco-conscious products at the time simply didn’t work.

Many innovations are born when the existing alternatives do not provide an adequate solution to the job that consumers are trying to get done. Michigan natives Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry were faced with the unpleasant task of cleaning the San Francisco Bay Area house they shared with friends. This gave birth to an idea to create effective cleaning products that weren’t poisonous. They worked to develop a product derived from natural plant sources that worked as well as, or better than existing cleaners. They broke through and developed a line of surface cleaners that were purchased by Mollie Stone’s grocery stores in Northern California. With the help of prominent designer Karim Rashid, they secured distribution in Target in 2002.


They were excited by the possibility to create better cleaning products and providing people with a great experience. Eric and Adam didn’t just want to launch an eco-friendly cleaning product. They wanted to create a movement that employees and consumers could rally around.

Method’s brand purpose is to be a catalyst in a happy healthy home revolution that improves human health. They have created an internal culture and external communication program that supports their brand purpose. The “People Against Dirty” movement supports their brand purpose in a unique and creative way.

Today, Method generates over $100 Million in sales revenue. Method’s entire line of home care and personal products are non-toxic and made with naturally derived bio-degradable ingredients that are tough on dirt and easy on the planet.

Have you tried Method’s Home cleaning products?


One response to Method Brand Cleaning Products Has Created a Movement “People Against Dirty”


    Cleaning is such an underestimated thing and yet is the cause of so many arguments, between family members, husband and wife and particularly landlord and tenant. Cleaning is always “someone elses” job. Few take responsibility for their own environment.

    When you consider the health benefits of getting rid of dust and dirt, the mental benefits of de-cluttering and the positive effect of cleaning to the environment around you it can be considered an all round “do good” task, not to mention the calories you burn when you undertake the cleaning!

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