New Balance’s Purpose is to Inspire Movement

February 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

New Balance is an example of a Brand that is inspired by a consumer focused purpose and core values. They have defined their purpose around “Inspiring Movement”. Their internal rallying cry is “Let’s Move the World”. They have built a business that inspires people to move and helps athletes achieve their performance goals. They create products that are designed to enable people to move further, faster and more frequently. The brand’s core values are teamwork, integrity and total customer satisfaction. New Balance has always demonstrated a commitment to consumers, associates and local communities. Their clear focus on movement has helped them innovate in the highly competitive athletic footwear market.


New Balance was founded in the early 1900’s as a manufacturer of arch support and orthopedic shoes. In 1972, James Davis purchased New Balance and began selling athletic shoes in a vast range of sizes and widths. New Balance capitalized on the running boom of the late 1970’s by becoming immersed in the community and developing products that were best in class. Davis built a strong culture through responsible leadership. New Balance is a company where associates are proud to work and that has a history of community involvement. New Balance associates receive 24 hours of training every year. New Balance is the last major athletic shoe brand to make products in the United States. About 25% of New Balance products are made in the United States. They have also been a leader in developing sustainable manufacturing processes.


The company’s sales exceed $2 Billion in 2011. It is still privately held. New Balance has avoided endorsement deals with high-profile sports stars. New Balance’s marketing focuses on inspiring every day athletes to achieve excellence. Their campaign features the tagline “Make Excellent Happen.” They have always had a strong following with passionate runners and race walkers.

Are you a runner? Do you wear New Balance shoes?



One response to New Balance’s Purpose is to Inspire Movement


    I’m not a runner, but I enjoyed this one. I was surprised to learn that they are the last major brand to make shoes in the USA and that they are privately held. I’ll keep my eye out for them in the future.

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