Stonyfield Farm – A Commitment to Healthy People and a Healthy Planet

February 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Stonyfield Farm is another great example of a brand that combines making money with doing the right thing. Stonyfield was started in Wilton, New Hampshire as an organic farming school that taught sustainable agricultural practices. Their original goal was to help family farms survive and to help protect the environment. In the beginning they sold yogurt to fund their school. Eventually they realized, that they could make a bigger difference as a successful yogurt company. In 1988, they moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire where they are headquartered today. Stonyfield Farm revenue exceeds $300 Million annually. They are a driving force in the sustainable food movement. Fast Company ranked them as the third most innovative food company of 2013 for making its supply chain more sustainable and profitable.


Stonyfield’s brand purpose is simple. We’re committed to healthy food, a healthy planet and a healthy business. Stonyfield exists to inspire all of us to enhance the health of people and the planet through organically produced food. Their values reflect a commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet

  • Healthy food. We will craft and offer the most delicious and nourishing organic yogurt and dairy products.
  • Healthy people. We will enhance the health and well-being of our consumers and colleagues.
  • Healthy planet. We will help protect and restore the planet and promote the viability of family farms.
  • Healthy business. We will prove that healthy profits and a healthy planet are not in conflict and that, in fact, dedication to health and sustainability enhances shareholder value. We believe that business must lead the way to a more sustainable future.

I discovered Stonyfield Farm yogurt several years ago in a Wegmans store. I have enjoyed their products ever since.

Through its Profit for the Planet Program, Stonyfield has donated over $15 million to sustainable causes.

What other brands can you think of the combine making money with doing the right thing for thing?


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