Dodge Ram Truck “God Made a Farmer” – My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

February 4, 2013 — 2 Comments

My favorite Super Bowl ad was the Dodge Ram Truck “God Made a Farmer” commercial. This was one of the most moving commercials that I have seen in a long time. Great advertising makes an emotional connection with the viewer. This commercial made a connection with me.

This spot used still photos of rugged farmers and stark scenes to create an image of the life of the American farmer. The voice over was delivered by conservative radio talk show host Paul Harvey who died in 2009. The commercial played a speech “So God Made A Farmer” that Harvey gave at the 1978 Future Farmers of America convention.

The spot reminds me of what is good about farmers and the country we live in. This is a unifying message that celebrates hard work, family, community and respect for the land.

This was a great message by Dodge. I appreciate the creative risk that they took. It is brand that I haven’t thought about in some time. I will watch closely what they do in the future. Dodge delivered a commercial that was about the community of people who use their product. This was a very different approach for a car company. Typically car companies promote speed, power and performance.

What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial? 


2 responses to Dodge Ram Truck “God Made a Farmer” – My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial


    My favorite ad too. The inimitable Paul Harvey, whom I listened to when I was 15 while working at Fairview Lumber and Supply, those terrific photos. Who needs silly Go Daddy ads. I think advertising agencies underestimate the intelligence of the vast majority of the American public. Creativity and emotional hooks always win.


    their is no more paul harvey,s today. Someone who told it like it is. i listened to paul harvey for 50 years and was saddened by his death .but now paul is plowing in the fields of heaven. We are all eternal we never die we just cross the line at death and we either spend eternity in heaven with all those who put their faith and trust in JESUS CHRIST ,or we will SPEND IT IN THE LAKE OF FIRE WITH YOUR FATHER SATAN : #######THE CHOICE IS OURS TO MAKE I WOULD ACCEPT CHRIST.

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