Super Bowl Advertising – Will it be worth it for Gildan Activewear?

February 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

It’s game day. We are now only hours away from the Super Bowl. I am a lifelong New York Giants fan. Last year’s game was great. I am struggling to decide which team to root for this year. Neither option is particularly appealing as both teams have strong rivalries with the Giants, especially the 49ers. However, I do think San Francisco will win in a close game.

My attention will be more focused on the advertising and all the brands competing for attention. For many brand marketers, today is the Super Bowl of advertising. This year a 30 second commercial is selling for an estimated $3.8 million dollars up from $3.5 million last year. This does not include the cost of producing the commercials. There is a strong argument to be made that this a good value based on the pre and post game hype that the advertising receives and the 100 million households that will watch the game. For years, the only advertising that the Master Lock brand ran was on the Super Bowl. They believed it was worth the investment.

It is interesting and somewhat surprising that Gildan Activewear, a Montreal based t-Shirt, fleece, socks and sport shirt manufacturer, is advertising on the Super Bowl. Gildan only spent about $1MM in advertising in the United States in 2012. This year they are making a big bet on the Super Bowl. I am familiar with the Gildan label, but do not have a strong impression of what the brand stands for. They are better known for the products that they have manufactured for other brands and their strong licensing agreements. Gildan is not a small company, as they generated nearly $2 Billion in revenue last year.
Gildan Logo COLOR LR

This is a bold effort to establish the Gildan Brand in the minds of American consumers. Will it work? This will be an interesting story to follow. After watching the commercial, I still don’t get an impression of the brand. The commercial is funny but doesn’t leave a lasting impression. It seems to me that there would be better ways to build the brand.

What do you think of Gildan’s Super Bowl Commercial?


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