The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty – A Great Example of Marketing that Positively Impacts Society

January 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

Over the past month, I have written about brands that have a compelling purpose and an ideal that positively impacts society. Research has shown that brands who live up to a compelling brand ideal deliver stronger revenue growth than businesses who don’t look to positively impact society. One of the brands that embodies this spirit is Dove Beauty Bar.


In 2004 Dove commissioned a research study called “The Real Truth About Beauty” to more deeply understand the relationship of women, beauty and well-being. The results of the study were very surprising. Only two percent of women interviewed considered themselves to be beautiful, while the majority placed themselves in the average or below average category. The study found that women felt disconnected from the way culture today describes beauty. The study found that women held different criteria for beauty than popular culture. Women see emotional qualities, character and individuality as equally expressive of beauty as the narrow physical aspects of beauty that currently dominate popular culture.

Dove’s Brand Purpose is to celebrate every women’s unique beauty. Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women to reach their full potential. In 2004, Dove launched the Campaign For Real Beauty. The campaign was designed to change the conversation about the need for a wider definition of beauty. In 2010, Dove launched the Movement for Self Esteem to provide opportunities for Mentorship. This campaign has had a positive impact on women and generated strong sales increase. Dove’s global sales exceed $2 Billion Dollars annually.

Personally, as a father with young girls, I applaud what Dove has done. I am surprised that more brands don’t take a courageous approach to building an emotional connection with consumers based on a compelling purpose.

In your opinion, can brands have a positive impact on society and generate revenue increases?


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