Is Amazon America’s Most Trusted Brand?

January 15, 2013 — 1 Comment

Today the media awaits Lance Armstrong’s confession on Oprah Winfrey (which will air on Thursday) that he used performance enhancing drugs while winning seven Tour de France victories. Anyway he spins it, he has violated the public’s trust and this could have a potentially devastating impact on Livestrong, the charity he founded. There is a great risk when one individual comes to symbolize a brand.

I prefer to shift the discussion to the brands in the United States that continually earn our trust on a daily basis. I will regularly write on the importance of consumer trust to brands. A recent survey by the Values Institute a Santa Ana California based think tank and Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Amazon as the most trusted brand in America. The key to Amazon’s success has been their ability to develop a relationship with customers through consistently positive experiences. They have been the leader in online personalization and customer generated reviews. I have often used the “empty chair” concept in meetings that Jeff Bezos started to symbolize the most important person in the room, the customer. Amazon strategically uses data and qualitative insight to improve your customer experience. The ability to shop and research just about anything is a huge plus. Amazon is consistently one of the top rated brands in the American Customer Satisfaction Survey Index.


Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, as an online bookstore, Amazon has become an online retailer of just about everything. They have taken a simple premise “The Customer Is Always Right” and translated it to the digital age. Amazon’s goal is to be the most customer centric company on the planet. They have figured out what I wanted often before I new I needed it. Amazon focuses on delivering to consumers, selection, price and convenience. Free shipping on orders over a minimum total is huge plus. One of Amazon’s most important innovations was  The Kindle E-Reader that was launched in 2007, created the E-Books category and made it possible to order and receive a book in seconds.

Amazon is not perfect. There have been many complaints about working conditions in a number of its distribution centers. It is something the company is trying to improve.

For me, the Amazon Brand enables freedom of choice, exploration and discovery from wherever I am. It’s difficult for brick and mortar retail to compete with the selection, convenience, price and personalization that Amazon delivers.

In your opinion who is the most trusted brand that you do business with?


One response to Is Amazon America’s Most Trusted Brand?


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