Which Brands provide the best Customer Experience?

January 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

I often hear people complain about there experiences with companies. They are frustrated by long lines, rude associates or overseas call centers who recite rules and scripts and show little empathy for their needs. It seems that customer experience and service in this country has gotten worse the past couple of years. Many companies don’t seem motivated to improve customer experience.  At best, they deliver an average or poor customer experience.

With product parity in many business categories, delivering an excellent customer experience is critical for brands to be successful in today’s competitive environment. In my experience few brands have figured out how to deliver an excellent customer experience. A recent study conducted by Forrester Research showed that 75% of the companies surveyed stated that it was their goal to differentiate on the basis of customer experience. However, only 3% of companies deliver a truly excellent customer experience. Companies like Amazon, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Four Seasons Hotels and Zappos consistently deliver an excellent customer experience. This excellent customer experience has helped drive strong brand loyalty.


So what actually is Customer Experience? Customer Experience is how customers perceive their interactions with a company. These interactions could be with a product or service, on the phone, online in store or through advertising. Good customer experiences are useful, easy and enjoyable.

The companies that are great at customer experience have a clear purpose that is visible and understood by all. Purpose is the definitive statement about the difference you are trying to make in the world. They spend time making sure that their employees understand their purpose and understand the behaviors necessary to bring this purpose to life.

In your opinion what brand or company you do business with delivers the best customer experience?


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