Running and Race Walking – Sports for Life

January 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

According to USA Track and Field, there are more than 30 million adult runners in the United States. Track and Field and Cross Country are the number one high school participatory sports. Track and Field, Long Distance Running and Race Walking are sports that you can participate in and compete in your entire life.


Running is both an individual sport, a team sport and a community. Runners have a great sense of purpose. They are motivated by improving a little bit every day and achieving a personal best. Runners take great pride in achieving a “PR”.

Running is a team sport. A great example this a high school cross country meet or a local Junior Olympics race where team members cheer on their peers to achieve their best.

Runners are part of a community. There are thousands of road races and local track meets held annually. These events are run by passionate volunteers and often feel like re-unions of old friends. Many of these races support local charitable causes.

Track has always been an important part of my life.  I have always been inspired by runners. It is a challenging sport. I ran in middle distance races in my early teens. My father was an avid Race Walker who enjoyed the competition and community of friends that he made at events across the Northeast. I have three daughters who run, one is a sprinter, one is middle distance runner and one is a long distance runner. Today my daughter Keeley ran a personal best in a 1500 meters high school indoor race. Last summer Kerri competed in the 3000 meters at the National Junior Olympics in Baltimore. In 2011, Kara ran the 200 meters in the National Junior Olympics in Wichita Kansas. Running has provided them with a sense of accomplishment and a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their live.

Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden has a great quote that I think sums up the attitude of most runners that I know.“We need to apply ourselves each day to becoming a little better. By applying ourselves to the task of becoming  a little better each day we will become a lot better over time”

Are you a runner? What sports do you participate in? What sports are you passionate about?

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