Book Review – Seth’s Godin’s The Icarus Deception – how high will you fly?

January 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Every morning I look forward to a post from Seth Godin’s blog. He always give me something important to think about and challenges his readers with new approaches. For several weeks, I have looked forward to the release of his new book the “The Icarus Deception”. I was not disappointed.

Icarus deception

Seth challenges everyone to be an artist and that your ability to follow instructions is no longer the secret to your success. The safety zone that many of us have counted on, the corner office and the secure job no longer exist. The safety zone has moved. We must change our behavior to align ourselves with a new safety zone. Art is the new safety zone. Art is not necessarily wearing a smock or painting all day its about generating new ideas, making connections and seizing new ground.

The Icarus Deception is a challenge to committing to work that requires passion, guts and learning along the way. This is a book about why each of us should make art. Why its worth the price. And why we can’t wait. The tools are available today to innovate and make connection. The Icarus Deception inspires action.

I am going through a career transition so this message has added relevance for me.

Seth talks about how we are moving from the Industrial Era to the Connection Economy. The Industrial Era was characterized by fitting in, obedience and trusting the system to care of you. The Connection Economy is about trust, ideas, overcoming personal obstacles and doing the hard work to create art.

I highly recommend The Icarus Deception. It is a great read.

What do you plan to create in 2013?


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