Today Purpose drives Strategy

July 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

Today Purpose drives Strategy

Successful leaders have changed their approach to strategy development and planning. Gone are the days of a few smart people at a 3 day offsite with even smarter analysts at their side developing strategy and implementation structures. Leader have moved away from the old approach of strategy, structure and systems to a more collaborative organic model built on the development of purpose, process and people.

The strategy development approach of the past was flawed because it was grounded in the objective of minimizing human error, a defensive approach. This worked well for large industrial organizations but began to fall apart as the world changed and employees desired empowerment, meaning and an emotional connection to the work they do. Employees began to ask “Why” as opposed to just following orders or implementing mechanical standard operating procedures
In most companies people no longer care why their companies are. But strategies can enable strong emotional attachment only when they are embedded in a broader organizational purpose
Leaders engaged their organizations through rational logic, analysis and strategic intent. Leaders were often obsessed with competition. However, this failed to engage or inspire the organization. Young associates began to ask an important question WHY?
An effective Purpose reflects the importance people attach to the company’s work – it taps their idealistic motivations and gets at the deeper reasons for an organization’s existence beyond just making money
Does your company have a clearly stated purpose that drives your strategy?

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